Sochin 壮鎮

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Translation:  “Grand Suppression”
Movements in Kata:  41
Kiai Points: #30 (double block/strike) & #41 (choku zuki)
Origin/Creator:  Seisho Arakaki
Okinawan Name:  n/a

Sochin is considered one of the most popular kata in Shotokan Karate. When properly performed, it is a fantastic display of strength, speed and dynamism. Its signature opening move (muso gamae) performed from fudo dachi stance set the stage for this kata’s powerful and heavy rhythms.  Fudo dachi integrates zenkutsu & kiba dachi into a strong and rooted structure with stability in all directions. Fudo dachi is often called “Sochin” stance because it is the principle stance in this kata.  Sochin was added to the Shotokan lexicon by Gichin Funakoshi’s son Yoshitaka (Gigo) who pulled the kata from the Shito Ryu style while adding new techniques and longer stances.

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