2019 Shuhari Cup

2019 Shuhari Cup
Traditional Karate

We are excited to announce our 4th Annual Shuhari Cup in San Diego, California, featuring athletes from across North America.  Hosted by the Shuhari Institute and Traditional Martial Arts Center, this is an excellent competition alternative for traditional karateka seeking high-level competitors, experienced judges, and no affiliation requirements.  As always, it is open to all traditional styles, ranks, and affiliations.

The Cup offers events for all ranks and with divisions for Youth (age 6-17), Adults, and Seniors (50+).  We will be using traditional karate rules. Kata competitors should come prepared to perform any 2 traditional kata of their own choice. Kumite will be Shobu Ippon Jyu Kumite (free-sparring) for those 6th kyu and above.  7th kyu and below will have a simplified kumite option.

Events:  Kata | Team Kata | Enbu | Kumite | Team Kumite

Medals:  Custom medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners


Thursday, June 20
• 6:30-8pm Visitor Training (all welcome-free)
Traditional Martial Arts Center
9881 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92129

Friday, June 21
• 9am-1pm Judging Seminar (all welcome-free)
Traditional Martial Arts Center
9881 Carmel Mountain Rd
San Diego, CA 92129

• 4-6pm Pool Party at a Private Residence (all welcome)
Apps and lite refreshments provided
MUST RSVP to Info@ShuhariInstitute.org
for location and directions for access.

Saturday, June 22
• 8am-1pm | Youth Tournament
• 1-6pm | Adult Tournament
San Diego Citadel Corps Gym
4170 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92117
Doors open at 8am


Free to Spectators
• Athletes:
…..$75 (unlimited events)
…..$45 (if competing in only one event)
• Judging Seminar FREE
…..Required for all Judges | Open to public
…..Participation is encouraged



Please hold tight while we put together some good hotel options for you.

Note: We are NOT blocking rooms at any one hotel for this event. You should do some research to find your best options based on your budget and proximity to the Cup and where you might be spending your time enjoying San Diego.


Call or text: (612) 310-8247
Email: Info@ShuhariInstitute.org




Promote Your Business or Cheer for Your Athletes!
Please consider placing an ad or inspirational note in the Commemorative Tournament Program.  The program is distributed for free to all attendees & spectators. Submit your ad or we can design a great ad for you for free.

1/4 Page ‐ $50 | 1/2 Page ‐ $75
Back Cover (full page) ‐ $150

Deadline:  June 15
Just email Info@ShuhariInstitute.org and we’ll get started.


San Diego Citadel Corps Gym
4170 Balboa Ave, San Diego CA 92117


Fly to SAN  – San Diego International Airport (formerly Lindbergh Field). The tournament and hotel are minutes from the airport. We strongly suggest renting a car for the weekend as we do not have a shuttle service for the tournament.  Uber & Lyft services are also popular and readily available in the San Diego.

Driving Advisory: California has a pretty strict policy on talking or texting on your phone when driving – use hands free or expect a ticket.

June is summer in Southern California and it’s a wonderful time to visit.  The weather varies, but expect great temps from 71°F to 62°F  (22° to 17º C). Dress for warm weather, but bring a light jacket or sweatshirt.

Local Attractions – San Diego is one of the top tourist cities in the entire nation due to its almost-always-perfect weather and its many sea-side and urban attractions. CLICK for more ideas for fun outings with friends & family.


• Divisions for each event depend on the number of competitors and determined when registration is closed.  Age & Rank Divisions may be split or combined depending on attendance.
• Youth athletes that are significantly smaller or bigger for their age may be entered into a different age group.
• Youth athletes may choose to compete in the Adult Tournament in Kata, Enbu, or Team Kata (not Kumite)
• Senior athletes (50+) may choose to compete in any 18-49 Adult Division.


• Athletes may perform any traditional karate kata of their choice.
• All competitors should come prepared to perform two different kata.
• Ranks 10-8th kyu only need to know Heian/Pinan Shodan and Youth and Kyu Rank Adults may perform ANY kata they choose from round-to-round.
• Adult Black Belts must perform a different kata in finals from that performed in their previous round.

Team Kata
• All Team Kata divisions allow mixed genders.
• Teams may consist of 3 or 4 competitors.
• Bunkai (application) is not required.
• Competitors may compete on only one Team Kata team.
• Age Division/Rank Category for teams are calculated by average age/rank of all team members.

• Teams must consist of 2 or 3 competitors.
• All Enbu teams allow mixed genders.
• Enbu performances must last between 55 and 65 seconds.

Jyu Ippon Kumite (one-step kumite)
• This event is for those 7th kyu and below and for young competitors with no free sparring experience.
• All divisions are mixed gender.
• One competitor performs 3 prescribed attacks and the defender blocks and counters each time.
• Attacks are: 1. Step-in Punch Head  2. Step-in Punch Stomach  3. Front Kick
• Competitors start from standing position and move to free-moving fighting stance after the referee commences each sequence.
• Scoring is by flags after both competitors have attacked and defended.
• Protective gear is not required for this event.

Jyu Kumite (free sparring):
• Matches follow traditional non-contact “Shobu Ippon” rules & procedures.
• No headgear, footpads, shoes, shin guards, or hard plastic/metal braces may be worn.
• Competitors must wear gloves like the ones available HERE.
• Ippon = 10 points / Wazari = 4 points / Keikoku Penalty = 2 points / Chui Penalty = 4 points
• Winner is declared with 1 Ippon OR 2 Wazaris OR the highest number of points at the end of the match.
• All matches are 1.5 minutes calculated using “action time” not “running time”.
Safety Rules:
• Standard eye glasses are not permitted. Competitors requiring prescription lenses to compete should wear protective sports eyewear.
• Jewelry of any type will not be permitted.
• Only soft hair accessories are permitted.
• Rolled or cuffed pants or sleeves are not permitted.
• Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed short.
• Hair must not impede the vision of the athlete.
• Chest protectors for women are optional.
• Mouth Guards, Kumite Gloves are required. .(order gloves here.)
• Groin Protectors (for boys & men) are required.

Team Kumite:
• Teams must consist of 3 competitors and may include one alternate.
• Teams free spar for 3 consecutive matches.
• Scoring is by cumulative points totaled at the end of all matches.
• Kumite Team Captain must turn in the names of teammates to the ring table including the alternate and the order they will be fighting.  Once submitted, the list can only be changed if one athlete can’t continue and the alternate is needed.
• In case of a draw, team captains pick one member to break the tie; the match will be for one minute “Sudden Death” match – competitor scoring first is winner.
• Competitors may compete on only one Team Kumite team.
• Age Division/Rank Category for teams are calculated by average age/rank of all team members.


Dress Code: Traditional White Karate Gi  |  No rolled or cuffed pants or sleeves are allowed
Required Equipment:
• Mouth Guards are required for Jyu Kumite (free sparring) – a limited supply will be available at the event.
Kumite Gloves are required for free sparring (not semi-free sparring) regardless of rank, age or sex.
…….>> Order official Kumite Gloves here
• Chest protector for women & groin protector for men are optional.

Dress Code:  All judges are required to wear a White Traditional Karate Gi.
Judges wear no socks or shoes when judging.
Required Equipment:  Whistle
Time Schedule:
• Youth Tournament: report to event by 8am for ring assignments
• Adult Tournament: report to event by Noon for ring assignments
• Judges officiating at the event must attend the Judges’ Seminar held before the tournament.
• Final selection of judges will be made during Judges’ Seminar held before the tournament.

Dress Code: Tournament T-Shirt (provided by Tournament) any pants, socks, & comfortable shoes.
Time Schedule: Report to your respective assignment at least 30 minutes prior to commencement. Volunteers working the entire day at the event will be provided a box lunch by the tournament.


Download Testing Requirements Here.  The exam will be administered by Sensei Toru Shimoji and Sensei Amy Sperling of the Shuhari Technical Fellowship as well as a limited number of other examiners to be determined. Those interested in testing for Dan rank should contact Scott Parkin at (612) 310-8247 for a brief orientation on the process.

The examination fee is $132.  Passing examinees will receive a hand-signed and sealed Shuhari dan certificate and lifetime registration with the Institute.  If you don’t pass your exam, the Institute will apply a $44 certificate fee refund when you re-test in the future.

Results will be announced immediately following the exam.  Examinees passing their Shodan exam during the event may choose to compete in either the Brown or Black belt division at the Tournament.