2017 Shuhari Cup

This tournament is over – CLICK HERE for the 2018 event.

2017 Shuhari Cup
North American
Traditional Karate

We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual Shuhari Cup featuring athletes from across the US, Canada, and more.  Our first Cup in Minneapolis was a huge success and we expect to double our participation in 2017.  We’ve selected a gorgeous hotel in Chesterfield, MO with an on-site tournament venue for a convenient and family-friendly experience.

The Shuhari Cup is an excellent competition alternative for traditional karateka seeking high-level competitors, experienced judges, and no affiliation requirements.  Open to traditional karateka of all ages, ranks, and affiliations.

The event includes both Youth and Adult Tournaments for all ranks and a Judge’s Seminar hosted by experienced international judges. We will be using traditional karate rules based on the ITKF rulebook.

Events: Kata | Team Kata | Enbu | Kumite | Team Kumite
Type of elimination for each event will be dependent on the number of competitors.
Medals: to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
Certificates: for all participants.
All attendees and spectators receive a free commemorative tournament program.


Thursday, April 20
..• 1-3pm | Judge’s Seminar – CAC Gym
..• 3-5pm | Member Technical Forum – CAC Gym
..• 8-9pm | Shuhari Technical Meeting – Old Racquets Room
Friday, April 21

..• 9am-Noon | Judge’s Seminar – CAC Gym
..• 2-4pm | Judge’s Seminar – CAC Gym
..• 2-6pm | Athlete Check-In – Old Racquets Room
..• 4-6pm | Dan & Judge Cert Exams – CAC Gym
..• 6-7pm | Tournament Draw – Old Racquets Room
Saturday, April 22
..• 8:30-Noon | Youth Tournament – CAC Gym
..• Noon-5:30 | Adult Tournament CAC Gym
..• 7:30pm | Tournament Dinner – Rock & Brews, Chesterfield Valley
………………..See Page 13 of Info Packet
Sunday, April 23
  • Noon | Hotel Check-Out


• Adult Athletes: $65 (unlimited indiv events)
• Youth Athletes: $50 (unlimited indiv events)
• Team Events:  add $15 per athlete
• Judging Seminar $25
…..Required for all officials | Open to public
…..Participation is encouraged
…..(free to judges & athletes formally participating in the tournament)
Free to Spectators




DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel St. Louis-Chesterfield.
16625 Swingley Ridge Rd, Chesterfield, Missouri 63017

All events will be held AT the hotel in the adjacent athletic club facilities.  You should plan to reserve a room in this hotel.  It is located 30 minutes from the STL Airport.

Our reserved block of rooms is now expired. Reserve early as we expect the entire hotel will get booked.

You may also call (800) 315-5459 to reserve.



(612) 310-8247 | Info@ShuhariInstitute.org


Shuhari Institute & Missouri Karate Association




Promote Your Business or Cheer for Your Athletes!
Please consider placing an ad or inspirational note in the Commemorative Tournament Program.  The program is distributed for free to all attendees & spectators. Submit your ad or we can design a pro -quality ad for you for free.

1/4 Page ‐ $50 | 1/2 Page ‐ $75
Back Cover (full page) ‐ $150

Deadline:  Friday, April 14
Just email Info@ShuhariInstitute.org and we’ll get started.


Chesterfield Athletic Club  (connected to the hotel)
16625 Swingley Ridge Rd, Chesterfield, Missouri 63017
Events will take place on the indoor basketball gym (sprung wood floors.)


Fly to STL Lambert–St. Louis International Airport


April is spring in St. Louis and it’s a wonderful time to visit.  The weather varies, but expect reasonable temperatures ranging from 50°F to 70°F  (10° to 21º C). Bring a light jacket.


Take the kids to American Girl or explore nearby Missouri wineries. Watch a game at Busch Stadium, admire St. Louis’s impressive Gateway Arch, or treat yourself to a shopping experience, as the hotel is near Chesterfield Mall and the new Chesterfield Outlet Malls. Visit The Butterfly House in the Missouri Botanical Gardens, just one mile from the hotel. Enjoy a thrilling adventure at the Six Flags® St. Louis Theme Park.

CLICK HERE for more ideas for fun outings with friends & family.


Rank Category Definitions

• Age Divisions & Rank Categories may be split or combined depending on attendance.
• Youth athletes that are significantly smaller or bigger for their age may be entered into a different age group.
• Youth athletes may choose to compete in the Adult Tournament in Kata, Enbu, or Team Kata (not Kumite)
• Senior athletes (50+) may choose to compete in any 18-49 Adult Division.


Description: Athletes perform a traditional karate kata of their choice.
Scoring:  Youth scored on Point or Flag Scoring depending on number of athletes.
………………Adults scored on Points only.
Youth Kata & Kyu Rank Adults: may perform ANY kata they choose from round-to-round, but only need to know ONE kata for the tournament.
Adult Black Belts: may perform ANY kata they choose from round-to-round, but their kata performed in finals must be different from that performed in their previous round.

Age 5-8    10-7 Kyu
Age 5-8    6 Kyu +  (combined)
Age 9-11    10-7 Kyu
Age 9-11    6-4 Kyu
Age 9-11    3 Kyu +
Age 12-14    10-7 Kyu
Age 12-14    6-4 Kyu
Age 12-14   3 Kyu+
Age 15-17   10-7 Kyu
Age 15-17   6-4 Kyu
Age 15-17   3 Kyu+

Women 18+   10-7 Kyu
Women 18+   6-4 Kyu
Women 18+    3-1 Kyu
Women 18-49    Black Belt
Men 18+     10-7 Kyu
Men 18+   6-4 Kyu
Men 18+   3-1 Kyu
Men 18-49    Black Belt
50+            Black Belt (mix gender)

Team Kata  (all mixed gender)             

Description:  A 3-person team performs any traditional karate kata of their choice simultaneously.
Scoring:  Point Scoring  | Bunkai is not required this year.

Age 5-11     10-7 Kyu
Age 5-11    6-4 Kyu
Age 5-11     3 Kyu+
Age 12-17     10-7 Kyu
Age 12-17     6-4 Kyu
Age 12-17     3 Kyu+

Age 18+     10-7 Kyu
Age 18+     6-4 Kyu
Age 18+     3 Kyu+

Enbu (all mixed gender)                             

Description:  A 2 or 3 person team performs a choreographed kumite demonstration for 1 minute.
Scoring:  Point Scoring  |  Any mix of boys/girls or men/women is permitted.
Age 5-11     Mixed Ranks
Age 12-17   Mixed Ranks
Age 18+     10-1 Kyu
Age 18+     Black Belt

Jyu Ippon Kumite (modified kumite for youth/lower ranks)
………..(all mixed gender)

Note: Kumite athletes must choose between Jyu Ippon OR Jyu Kumite.
Jyu Kumite is non-contact 1-step kumite featuring 3 pre-determined attacks.
Scoring:  Flag Scoring

Age 5-8       10-7 Kyu
Age 5-8       6 Kyu+
Age 9-11      10-7 Kyu
Age 12-14    10-7 Kyu
Age 15-17    10-7 Kyu

Age 18+       10-7 Kyu

Jyu Kumite (free sparring)                               

Note: Kumite athletes must choose between Jyu Ippon OR Jyu Kumite.
 Non-contact free sparring.
Scoring: Point Scoring resulting in Win/Loss

Age 9-11     6-4 kyu
Age 9-11     3 kyu+
Girls 12-14     6-4 kyu
Girls 12-14     3 kyu+
Boys 12-14     6-4 kyu
Boys 12-14     3 kyu+
Girls 15-17     6-4 kyu
Girls 15-17     3 kyu+
Boys 15-17     6-4 kyu
Boys 15-17     3 kyu+

Women 18+     6-4 kyu
Women 18+     3-1 kyu
Women 18-49     Black Belt
Men 18+     6-4 kyu
Men 18+     3-1 kyu
Men 18-49     Black Belt
Women 50+     Black Belt only
Men 50+     Black Belt only

Team Kumite                                          

Description:  3-person teams free spar for 3 consecutive matches.
Scoring: Cumulative points totaled at the end of all matches.
(see “Rules” tab for specific kumite procedures)

Age 9-11     6-4 Kyu (mixed sexes)
Age 9-11     3 Kyu+  (mixed sexes)
Girls 12-14     6-4 Kyu
Girls 12-14     3 Kyu+
Boys 12-14     6-4 Kyu
Boys 12-14     3 Kyu+
Girls 15-17     6-4 Kyu
Girls 15-17     3 Kyu+
Boys 15-17     6-4 Kyu
Boys 15-17     3 Kyu+

Women 18-49   6-4 Kyu
Women 18-49     3-1 Kyu
Women 18-49     Black Belt
Men 18-49      6-4 Kyu
Men 18-49     3-1 Kyu
Men 18-49     Black Belt

General Safety Rules:
• No eye glasses or safety glasses will be permitted to be worn during jyu kumite (free sparring).
• No jewelry of any type will be permitted to be worn by athletes (male or female).
• Only soft hair accessories will be permitted.
• Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed short.
• Hair must not impede the vision of the athlete.
• No headgear, footpads, shoes, shin guards, or hard plastic/metal braces may be worn.
• ALL kumite athletes must wear cloth fist guards available HERE.

Ring Size & Judge Arrangement:
• Adult events use 26.25’ regulation ring   |   Youth events use a modified (20’) ring
• Kata, Team Kata, and Enbu events include 5 Judges Total (4 Fukushin + 1 Kansa)
• Kumite Events include 6 Judges Total (1 Shushin + 4 Fukushin + 1 Kansa)

Team Competition Rules
• Athletes may compete on only one team per event.
• Age Division/Rank Category for teams are calculated by average age/rank of all team members.

Team Kumite  (If Time Permits Inclusion of this Event)

• Kumite Team Captain must turn in the names of team mates to the ring table including the alternate and the order they will be fighting.
• Once submitted, the list can only be changed if one athlete can’t continue and the alternate is needed.
• In case of a draw, team captains will pick one member to fight to break the tie; the match will be for one minute “Sudden Death” match – the athlete that scores first is declared winner.

Jyu Kumite (Free Sparring)
• Traditional non-contact “Shobu Ippon-Style” Kumite
Ippon = 10 points / Wazari = 4 points / Keikoku Penalty = 2 points / Chui Penalty = 4 points
Winner declared with 1 Ippon OR 2 Wazaris OR the highest number of points at the end of the match.
• 1.5 minute matches (calculated using “action time” not “running time”)
>>Please note the following technical clarifications:
• Punching with back heel coming off the floor does not automatically disqualify a point.
• For punches, spine should be perpendicular to the floor to qualify as a point.
• Mawashi or Ushiro Mawashi Geri using top or bottom of foot IS considered a qualified technique/body part for attacks to Jodan only.

Jyu Ippon Kumite  (Semi-Free/1-Step Kumite)
Jyu Ippon Kumite is non-contact semi-free 1-step sparring with specified attacking & defending sides. Attacker attacks 3 times and defender must block and counter each time.  The attacks are completed in this specific order:  1.) Step-in Punch Jodan;  2.) Step-in Punch Chudan;  3.) Front Kick Chudan (back leg only).  Defender may defend with any block and any counter (both are required).  After each attack and defense, the athletes start a new sequence.  Judging is by show of flags at the end of all six sequences. Athletes are judged cumulatively on their overall skill in attacking, defending, and avoidance of penalties.
>> Match Procedure:
• One athlete wears a red belt or sash and is called Aka (red) – Aka’s opponent (without a belt) is called Shiro (white).
• Both athletes start from Shizentai (standing natural stance) on their respective marks.
• Aka (red) side always attacks first.
• Shushin starts match with the respective announcement indicating the side attacking and the attacking technique  i.e., “Aka, Kogeki, Oi Zuki Jodan…Hajime!”  (red side – attacking – step-in punch head – begin!)
• Both sides engage immediately by assuming fighting position (Jyu Kamae) and attacker may attack at any time.
……..• Just like regular sparring, athletes can move freely around the ring.
……..• Athletes can attack or defend with either leg forward.
……..• Attacker may commence their one attack at any time and must remain still after each attack.
……..• Attacker must attack within 30 seconds or that sequence will be forfeit to the defender.
……..• Out of bounds (Jogai) or any excessive contact will result in a forfeiture of that sequence to other athlete.
……..• Attacker should not try to block the defender’s counter.
……..• After each sequence, athletes return to their starting points in Shizentai.
• After Aka completes the three attacks, Shushin will repeat the sequence with Shiro as attacker.
• After all six sequences are complete, athletes return their starting points and Shushin calls for a winner by show of flags by the 4 corner judges.
• In the case of a tie, Shushin shall decide the winner.
NOTE:  Athletes should memorize the sequence and the Japanese words for the three attacks in advance.

Athlete Checklist (applies to all athletes)

Dress Code:
• Traditional White Karate Gi  |  No rolled or cuffed pants or sleeves are allowed

Required Equipment:
• Mouth Guards are required for Jyu Kumite (free sparring) – a limited supply will be available at the event.
Kumite Gloves are required for free sparring (not semi-free sparring) regardless of rank, age or sex.
…….>> Order official Kumite Gloves here
…….For medical safety, hand protectors may not be shared between athletes.
• Breast protector for women & groin protector for men are optional.

Judge Checklist  (applies to all Center & Corner Judges)

Dress Code:
• All judges are required to wear a Black Hakama over a White Traditional Karate Gi
…..(please wear your karate belt under the hakama and don’t hike up the sides.)
• Judges wear no socks or shoes when judging.

Required Equipment:
• Whistle
• Rulebook

Time Schedule:
• Youth Tournament: report to event by 8am for ring assignments
• Adult Tournament: report to event by Noon for ring assignments
• Judges officiating at the event must attend the Judges’ Seminar held before the tournament.
• Final selection of judges will be made during Judges’ Seminar held before the tournament.

Official & Volunteer Checklist
(Recorders, Scorekeepers, Timekeepers, Runners, Registrars, & Concession Staff)

Dress Code:
• Tournament T-Shirt (provided by Tournament) any pants, socks, & comfortable shoes.

Time Schedule:
• Report to your respective assignment at least 30 minutes prior to commencement.

NOTE: Volunteers working the entire day at the event will be provided a lunch box by the tournament.


Those interested in testing for Dan rank should contact the Event Contact in advance for an orientation on the process.  The exam will be officiated by members of the Shuhari Technical Fellowship and their invited guests. Testing requirements are available here.

Certificates will be issued by the Shuhari Institute.  Cost for all Dan examinations is $125 plus $5 for postage (if applicable) and includes a custom designed & signed certificate with hand-stamped Hanko and Wariin seals.  Formal registration is also included. Certificates will be issued at the event for those pre-registered or mailed, if necessary.


Friday, 7:30pm | Rock & Brews, Chesterfield Valley | See Page 13 of Info Packet