Nijushiho 弐十四方

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Translation:  “Twenty-Four Steps”
Movements in Kata:  34
Kiai Points:  #18 (Gedan Morote Zuki) & #33 (Morote Zuki)
Origin/Creator:  Seisho Arakaki
Okinawan Name:  Niseishi

Nijushiho is a beautiful kata featuring movements that are often said to resemble waves breaking against the shore. The modern-day version of this kata that we practice is attributed to Okinawan Master Seisho Arakaki (also Unsu and Sochin). The original Okinawan name for Nijushiho is Niseishi.  It is a popular kata for tournament competition and it is a practiced often by the black belts in our dojo.  Its 24 steps include a wide array of stances, unique bunkai, and challenging transitions between techniques.

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