Kanku Dai 観空大

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Translation:  “View the Sky (major)”
Movements in Kata:  65
Kiai Points:  #15 (nukite) & #65 (uraken uchi)
Origin/Creator: Sokon Matsumura
Okinawan Name: Kusanku or Kushanku

Kanku Dai holds special significance in Shotokan Karate as it is considered its “representative” or “root” kata.  It is the parent kata for the entire database of techniques of this system and it is the central point to which most other kata point.  In it you will find many of the techniques seen in the Heian, Tekki, and other kata.  For this reason it is revered as a repository of the most fundamental and important Shotokan techniques.  Kanku Dai was supposedly Master Funakoshi’s favorite kata and he performed it during his demonstration for the Crowned Prince of Japan (Hirohito) in 1922. It is also practiced in different variations in many other styles.

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