Jitte 十手

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Translation:  “Ten Hands”
Movements in Kata:  24
Kiai Points: #13 (forearm strike) & #24 (age uke)
Origin/Creator:  Anko Itosu
Okinawan Name:  n/a

Also known as “Jutte”, this kata is in the same family as Jion and Jiin – it shares similarities in its opening (yoi) position and embusen.  Master Nakayama indicates in his Best Karate Books that the name implies one must have the strength of ten men to complete it.  Some claim that the name is derived from the position of the raised fists, resembling a type of sai known as a jitte, which occurs a number of times in the kata. This rather short kata of only 24 movements contains a number of defenses that can be implemented against (or while using) a bo.

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