Heian Shodan 平安初段

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Translation:  “Peaceful & Safe #1”
Movements in Kata:  21
Kiai Points:  #9 (Age Uke/Rising Block) & #17 (Oi Zuki/Step-In Punch)
Origin/Creator:  Anko Itosu
Okinawan Name:  Pinan Shodan

Heian Shodan is the first kata most Shotokan practitioners learn.  Featuring only 5 different arm techniques, 2 stances, and no kicks, it is an ideal form for beginners to learn basic movement and stance.  Each movement features the same-side hand and foot moving in unison. The kata is perfectly symmetrical except for its fourth move – the circular pull and strike.  The backwards quarter-turns are deceptively simple and are challenging to perform at full speed with stability and correct posture.