Hangetsu 半月

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Translation:  “Half Moon”
Movements in Kata:  41
Kiai Points: #11 (inside/downward block) & #40 (gedan gyaku zuki)
Origin/Creator:   Sokon Matsumura
Okinawan Name:  Seisan

Hangetsu is practiced in some form by most major styles of traditional karate.  It is characterized by its unique namesake stance and its many slow movements punctuated by explosive bursts of multiple techniques. The hangetsu (or half-moon) stance utilizes internal pressure for stability rather than the typical outside pressure found in most Shotokan stances. Hangetsu dachi is a relatively modern variation of Sanchin Dachi.  It was lengthened from this older Okinawan stance to accommodate the longer-range techniques popular in Shotokan.

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