Gankaku 岩鶴

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Translation:  “Crane on a Rock”
Movements in Kata:  42
Kiai Points: #28 (oi zuki) & #42 (oi zuki)
Origin/Creator:  Sokon Matsumura
Okinawan Name:  Chinto

Gankaku is an elegant, but challenging kata to perform because of its difficult twists and spins on a straight-line embusen.  Its signature movement – one-legged/crane stance (tsuru-ashi dachi) with arms in high-low block position (muso gamae) – resembles a crane standing on one leg.  The kata was created by Okinawan Master Sokon Matsumura, chief bodyguard to the Ryukyu king.  After reportedly meeting and fighting with a shipwrecked Chinese sailor named “Chinto” (the kata’s original Okinawan name), Matsumura created this kata as an homage to Chinto’s unique fighting skills and techniques.

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