Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shuhari a STYLE of Karate?

Not at all – our members primarily practice Shotokan, but we have members that practice other traditional styles, too. Our annual tournament – The Shuhari Cup – is open to all styles and participants are free to perform any traditional kata of their choice.

Who are you and where did you come from?

Great question.  Shuhari was founded by a group of former members of a once-famous US org that ran into problems with its succession plan when it’s master passed.  We all chose to try something different – with respect for the past, but with a focus on the future of the art. Most of our members are American shotokan stylists trained in the classic JKA tradition.  Our inclusive organizational model has allowed us to reach out and learn from many different master-level instructors. Our eyes are now wide open to the many possibilities available in training karate.

How Shuhari different from other karate orgs?

Here are a few bullet-points on what sets Shuhari apart from what you may have seen with other orgs:
• We are not based on one instructor – this is intentional to allow growth and change.
• We are not an historic preservation group.  We focus on growth and development of the art while still respecting its traditions.
• No rules or attitudes restricting members from affiliating or interacting with other orgs or events.
• We are aspirational and want to grow our organization to help save Traditional Karate from obscurity.
• We’ll be watching and cheering on the 2020 Olympic Karateka, but we’re still Traditionalists – each with our own approach.
• We hold high & OBJECTIVE standards for rank testing.  People don’t test with Shuhari Certified Examiners to get an easy rank promotion.

Why call it Shuhari?

Shuhari is actually three Japanese words: Shu 守, Ha 破, and Ri 破 (often written as one word) describing an individual’s stages of development in the martial arts. It is an excellent means of understanding how we progress in karate.  The concept of Shuhari has recently become a much-discussed topic in the world of martial arts – and for good reason.  We believe it is the foundation for a new movement in martial arts.

Can I be a member of Shuhari and others organizations simultaneously?

Yes, we encourage it!  Who are we to tell you who you can-and-can’t associate with? 🙂

How is the Institute funded?

The Shuhari Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization completely supported by voluntary contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations, and the sale of our publications.  Please consider becoming a member to support us!

It sounds cute, but where's the substance?

Take a look at our Technical Fellowship and the individuals that drive our passion for the art. Then search our Kata page for the most comprehensive collection of Shotokan kata information on the web. Then check out our YouTube and Facebook platforms to see how well we are promoting our ideas… and we’re just getting started…