Examiner Certification

Keeping the Examiner Table in Order...

Skilled Rank Examiners operate on the front line in the effort to maintain high technical standards.  Exams administered under the auspices of the Shuhari Institute are conducted by examiners that are officially certified by the Institute.  Members of the Shuhari Technical Fellowship are currently in the process of developing a comprehensive examiner certification program, including a list of required qualifications and an accompanying online Certification Course.

If you are seeking Certification, Become a Member and receive updates on our progress. If you are ready to test students and need Certification immediately, contact the Institute to make arrangements.

Examiner Matrix

The following matrix identifies the number of Shuhari Certified Examiners required to be present to award official rank.  It is strongly recommended that two or more Certified Examiners be present at each exam, if possible, to enhance objectivity and limit bias.

Rank Test & Required Number of Certified Examiners to be Present     

White Belt-6th Kyu        1 Shodan (or higher)

3rd-1st Kyu           1 Nidan (or higher)

Shodan          1 Yondan (or higher)   OR    2 Sandan (or higher)

Nidan        1 Godan (or higher)    OR    2 Yondan (or higher)

Sandan        1 Rokudan (or higher)   OR   2 Godan   OR   1 Godan + 2 Yondan

Yondan         1 Shichidan   OR   2 Rokudan  OR   1 Rokudan + 2 Godan  OR   4 Godan

Godan       2 Shichidan   OR   1 Shichidan + 1 Rokudan  OR   1 Rokudan + 2 Godan    OR   4 Godan

Rokudan (& up)      Determined on individual basis by Shuhari Technical Fellowship