Chinte 珍手

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Translation:  “Rare Hands”
Movements in Kata:  32
Kiai Points:  #28 (double scissor punch) & #32 (vertical punch)
Origin/Creator:  Anko Itosu
Okinawan Name:  n/a

Translated from ancient Chinese roots into its modern form by Anko Itosu, Chinte features an array of unique hand techniques (hence it’s name) and a theme of circular execution – a divergence from the linear techniques typically found in Shotokan. Despite lacking flashy jumps and featuring only one modest kick, it is deceptively difficult to perform and its challenging body dynamics require precise execution.  It bears some resemblance to Sochin and Hangetsu with rooted stances and powerful stance transitions.

Exploration of Chinte’s bunkai will reveal a number of fascinating self defense techniques including eye-gouges, circular arm bars. and strikes to vulnerable points on the body.

Gichin Funakoshi and his son Gigo changed Chinte’s primary stance from neko-ashi dachi (see Shito-Ryu version) to longer Shotokan stances, changing its embusen. The peculiar backwards hops at the end were then added by the JKA to comply with competition requirements that all kata start and end on the same mark.

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