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Power + Finesse Fitness | Luis & Laura Ocampo

Sensei Luis Miguel and Laura Ocampo have taught traditional karate at their dojo, Power + Finesse Fitness, since 2001. Located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Power + Finesse Fitness has been a member of the Shuhari Institute since its inception in 2015.

Training Background

Luis began studying karate in the late 1970s with Ricardo Picard, and after Picard’s retirement he studied with Gerardo Covarrubias, a top karate competitor in Mexico. Luis began teaching karate in Mexico in the 1980s. With Covarrubias’ encouragement, Luis began studying with Sensei Nishiyama in Los Angeles 1989, intending to stay for one year. In fact, he studied there for more than four years.

Laura studied in Minneapolis with Sensei Robert Fusaro, where she eventually taught karate at several local colleges in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Luis and Laura first met at  Sensei Nishiyama’s International Summer Camp in La Jolla in 1990. Luis returned to Mexico in 1993, but he and Laura stayed in touch and by 1995 they decided to get married and settle in Minnesota.

The Ocampos both competed in the U.S. National and World Tournaments for several years. They qualified to compete together in Enbu for the 2000 ITKF World Tournament in Italy, but because Luis was not yet a U.S. citizen he was unable to attend. This provided Luis the motivation to seek citizenship the following year.

In 2001 they took the leap to open a dojo in a small space in St. Louis Park. They spent three years developing their business and in 2005 moved to a larger space where they have been ever since.

What makes your dojo unique?

Over the years, and with their colleague Sensei David Gimberline, the Ocampos have expanded their course offerings to include a broad spectrum of fitness and sports coaching. In addition to Shotokan Karate, they offers classes in Hatha Yoga, Yoga-Bells™, athlete’s & adult’s strengthening, personal training, and law enforcement control tactics for local police.

Luis offers this advice for new dojo owners: “If you love karate and want to teach it, keep studying and training. Anyone from any dojo is welcome to stop in a train with us.”

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